settlement conference


For parties already involved in litigation, Blehm Law conducts half or whole day settlement conferences in an effort to resolve the dispute. Settling your dispute early can save thousands on future costs and attorneys fee.

At times, it is difficult to discuss settlement without either having retained an attorney to learn more about your rights or having filed a lawsuit to obtain necessary discovery. If you are a law firm representing a party to potential or existing litigation and your client is interested in a settlement conference or mediation, Blehm Law can help.  When both parties are represented, the settlement conference will be a little more formal than a traditional mediation.

When Blehm Law conducts a settlement conference, the attorneys are required to submit settlement conference memorandum and all evidence to be considered at the settlement conference at least seven days prior to the scheduled settlement conference. In order to save the parties money, Blehm Law only accepts submissions of settlement conference memorandum and evidence by electronic mail or large file transfer.

On the day set for the settlement conference, the parties will meet with their counsel at a designated location for formal settlement negotiations.  The settlement conference can either be scheduled for a half day or a whole day. If settlement negotiations are proceeding towards settlement, Blehm Law maintains a flexible schedule so the conference can continue beyond the designated time period if necessary.