Product Liability

Sometimes the products we purchase fail or do not perform as advertised.  When this happens and you suffer personal injury, you may be able to recover from the seller or manufacturer for your injuries. 

Were you injured while using a product?  Many people do not know that you can recover for your injuries if they were caused by a product that failed or that failed to perform as marketed.  If your injury was sustained in a motor vehicle crash, you must ask whether the airbags deployed, and if not, did you expect them to deploy in that type of crash based on what the salesman told you when you purchased the vehicle?  Did your injury occur while you were using a power tool, ladder, chair or other device, tool, or object?  If so, were you following the manufacturer or seller’s instructions and did the tool or device perform as advertised?  If you headed all warnings and instructions but the tool or other consumer product, whether or motor vehicle or other product, failed to perform as advertised, you may have a claim!  To learn more, you should contact a personal injury attorney specializing in products liability.