Private Mediation Services

Phoenix mediator and attorney, Bryan James Blehm, offers mediation services throughout Arizona. We understand the expense and stress associated with litigation. We also understand that mediation can help ease that stress while mitigating conflict between the parties. Private mediation is a cost effective alternative to litigation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  Through private mediation, the parties can shape their agreement to meet their needs.  As a private process, we will tailor your mediation to meet your needs.

We offers half and full day mediation services.  Whether your issue involves a divorce, property division, debts, or child custody, mediation offers significant advantages.  First, the parties help resolve their dispute when using mediation. By helping to solve the problem, the parties can move forward with less conflict and a healthier relationship.  Whether co-parenting a child after divorce or engaging with former business partners, saving some of the relationship and learning how to problem solve benefits all.  Second, mediation is more cost effective than litigation.  Money saved benefits all parties.

The Process

Private mediation can be tailored to meet the needs of the parties.  The best approach is always one that makes the parties feel comfortable with the process.  At the initial consultation, different approaches can be discussed based on the nature of your issues.  For example, the parties could agree to exchange documents identified as relevant one week before the mediation.  The same documents would be provided to the mediator.  The parties could then meet with the mediator for a half day session in an effort to resolve the issues.  The parties can also agree to smaller sessions where they resolve few issues each session.  An example is a divorce where the parents need to divide the children and the finances.  Both issues could be mediated in separate sessions.  Blehm Law will work with you to accommodate your needs so that you can feel comfortable as a partner in the process.

The Result

The desired result of private mediation is to resolve all issues and forego the need to file a lawsuit.  When a full settlement is reached, Blehm Law will provide all of the necessary paperwork to the parties so the matter can be finalized legally if necessary.  Sometimes a full settlement is not possible.  In such cases, the parties can resolve some issues and agree to litigate others.  By resolving some issues, the parties narrow those to be tried.  This reduces the time and expense associated with litigation.  As will a full settlement, Blehm Law will provide the parties with any necessary paperwork to legally resolve those issues where agreement was found.


Blehm Law ensures that any information provided through its mediation services is maintained in the strictest of confidence. Mediation is completely confidential.  If there is no settlement, the negotiations and positions of the parties cannot be later used as evidence at trial. Mediation is not binding on the parties and the mediator does not render a judgment. However, any agreements reached and signed by the parties at mediation are binding. For example, if the parties reach an agreement on parenting time, that issue will be resolved. Even if all issues are not resolved, the advantage to mediation is that it can remove some issues to be tried by the court.  This reduces the cost of pre-trial discovery and the trial itself. Contact Blehm Law for more information on how mediation can resolve some or all of your issues.

About the Mediator


Phoenix mediator Bryan James Blehm earned his Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Spanish from Colorado State University. He then earned a Master of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies and a Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona. During law school, Mr. Blehm was on Law Review and worked as a pro bono immigration attorney where he argued a case before the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. He also clerked for the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals and studied international dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation at the Institut fur Anwaltsrecht an der Humbolt Universitat zu Berlin in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Blehm graduated summa cum laude and Order of the Coif.

Employment Background

Phoenix mediator Bryan James Blehm served as an enlisted man in the U.S. Army, While in college, Mr. Blehm trained at the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy and worked as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department in Pueblo, Colorado. He also interned at the Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office in the Criminal Investigations Division. Following college, Mr. Blehm taught Economics, Government, U.S. History, and World History at a private boarding school. After law school, Mr. Blehm spent 10 years working for the prestigious law firm of Bowman and Brooke LLP. There, he practiced complex and technical litigation.

Personal Experience

Phoenix mediator Bryan James Blehm is a devoted family man who understands first hand the trauma associated with the dissolution of the family unit, or divorce in layman’s terms. He also understands that litigated divorces are very expensive for both parties. The expense adds significant stress during and after the divorce as it often runs in the tens of thousands of dollars for each party. Litigation is also conflict which adds an additional layer of unnecessary stress.  Through mediation, Blehm Law can help structure your divorce so that it eliminates much of this stress.