Family Law

If you are involved in a family law dispute involving your children, assets, and/or debts, contact a family law attorney and protect your rights.

Blehm Law represents men and women in family law matters. We understand that divorce and the end of a marriage  can cause significant financial strain. We also understand the emotional trauma associated with divorce and other forms of family law litigation, especially when minor children are involved. For these reasons, we work with clients to contain costs. This may include having the client do some of the work a paralegal would bill for. This gives us the flexibility to work with clients to provide quality representation at a reasonable cost.

Because divorce can impose significant emotional trauma on children and the cost drains family resources, we favor divorce by consent of the parties or through mediation. To achieve that goal, we work with counsel for the other party in an effort to secure meaningful mediation or other form of alternative dispute resolution. However, many divorcing parties are simply unable to set aside emotion while others are unwilling to accept that they cannot have everything. When this happens, it can be difficult to dissolve the marriage without a trial. In those cases, we will work with you to contain costs in a manner that does not cut corners on our ability to effectively represent you.

Divorce is not the only aspect of family law. In fact, you need not have ever been married to be in need of a family law attorney. Examples include adoption, establishing paternity, resolving parenting time issues with a child’s other parent, or enforcing previous orders. A protective order may also be necessary to protect you from an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse who refuses to leave you alone after the relationship has ended. If previously divorced, a family law attorney can help you enforce child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) orders. If you suspect the other parent is a danger to the health and welfare of your child, a family law attorney can intervene and ask the court to limit visitation. This frequently takes place when one parent engages in domestic violence or abuses drugs and/or alcohol.

Whatever your family law issue, contact Blehm Law for a free consultation with a family law attorney. If Mr. Blehm cannot help you, he can refer you to a reputable attorney that can.