When your relationship has come to an end, contact a family law attorney to protect your rights and interests as a parent and equal owner of assets.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Blehm Law represents both men and women in the dissolution (divorce) process. The first step should be determining whether you even need an attorney. Factors to consider include:

  • whether there are minor children involved;
  • the extent of assets and debts to be divided;
  • the length of the marriage; and
  • the level of hostility associated with the breakup.

If you have no minor children, the marriage was of short duration, you and your former partner hold few assets and debts, and your breakup was amicable, you may be better off collaborating with your significant other and filing your own consent decree. If you and your former partner need assistance with the process, including preparing and filing documents, we can help walk both of you through the process with both parties’ consent. Where the parties agree to cooperate in the divorce, we offer a reduced rate to assist them with the process. For an honest assessment of your current circumstances, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

We understand that not all marriages end on good terms and that the dissolution of the family is often an emotionally charged event for at least one party if not both. In such cases, emotion rather than reason often guides a party’s behavior. This can make it difficult to discover the full extent of the other party’s income without engaging in costly discovery. If your marriage ended badly, it is is not likely to be an amicable process. For this reason, you should prepare in advance while you have access to your family’s financial records. We can walk you through the process to ensure that you have a full picture of the family’s financial status prior to filing. Whether you or your former partner are pursuing legal separation or divorce, both parties will be required to take a parenting class if there are minor children involved.

If you are considering a divorce, feel free to contact us to learn more about your rights.  Doing so in advance can help you prepare for the process.  If you have already been served by your spouse, we can help prepare the response and move your case forward on your behalf.