Business Formation

Arizona  law offers a variety of tools to limit your personal liability as a business owner, including forming a corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership. If you are interested in protecting your personal assets from business creditors and lawsuits, Blehm Law can advise you about each form and help you determine which is best suited to your future business needs.

Though forming a basic legal business entity is not exceptionally difficult, several factors increase the complexity, including the type of entity and number of people involved. Retaining an attorney with knowledge of the different forms and steps involved eases the process and helps ensure the business is created in a legal and timely manner. It also helps to ensure that your business is optimized to meet your goals and needs.

Blehm Law charges a standard fixed fee to help you create your new business.  The fee includes preparation,filing fees, and publication of the proper organizing documents, bylaws and/or operating agreement.

If you need assistance forming a tax exempt non-profit entity, Blehm Law can also help. For non-profits, Blehm Law also charges a reduced rate. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Blehm Law at (602)753-6213.